What we do

The DIY Media Support Working Group is focused on supporting UBC Campus Faculty, Staff and Students so that they are able to create media effectively and efficiently. Workshops are held on a semester basis, currently featuring over 6-7 different topics.
Additional support include:
Resources for anyone looking for more direction on how to create their own DIY media project. Live Action, Screencast, Animation, Audio or any other medium.
There is also now a working group that is dedicated in holding workshops every month for new technologies and processes to tackle problems that the DIY community faces. This page will be updated monthly to showcase the meetings.


These workshops include:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Creative Brief
  • Script and Storyboarding
  • Production and Post Production
    … and so much more!

    Where and when does this happen?

    Our DIY Media Support training workshops happens on a per semester basis, RSVP is through http://events.ctlt.ubc.ca. If you’re interested in attending one of these sessions, please keep an eye out on the upcoming events section. We also remind the group in our monthly meetings on when these are happening, and if interested – how you can be a facilitator for one of these events.