This project is currently tentatively completed. After researching the many options on campus including Teamshare, Kaltura and Promax – it has been found that each unit has different needs and spec requirements. UBC Studios Vancouver, Okanagan and medIT have pursued their own Promax server due to high speed requirements. Other units are encouraged to talk to with UBCIT in regards to average 1080p medium bitrate editing. A B-roll library headed by UBC communications is in the works that will eventually be share with all members.

Goal of the project

A shared centralized storage space for media users all over Campus. This will encourage collaboration between different departments and allow units to work and share files from across UBC and UBCO.


    • 8/30/2019 – UBC Studios has officially rolled into the Promax system, now testing and configuring for backup options.
    • 9/10/2018 – Updates will be rolled out in the September meeting of upcoming decisions made by UBC Studios and possible options for the UBC Community
    • 5/17/2018 – A discussion was held during the May CoP, concluded that video editing in 4k is not possible but good as a 1080p/file server. Working group will be created and meet outside the meetings. A joint server will be opened to lower costs.
    • 5/11/2018 – A UBC TeamShare has been setup, a local test was conducted and it could not smoothly playback 4K footage from the new Panasonic EVA-1 Cameras. Confirmed that it does play several streams of 1080p ProRes422 footage on at least 1 computer.
    • 5/5/2018 – A VMWare 2016 windows server was setup by IT. Currently configuring the server, problems linking to domain, looking at Work Files (Online/Offline) option.
    • 4/24/2018 – Server setup and IT team established, members that are part of the testing group, please wait for updates on the set time and server connection details. Tentative test time is 1st/2nd week of May

At a Glance

      • Sauder – current system is able to edit, accessed from the W drive.
      • UBC Studios – currently running Facilis, need to switch to new cameras, workflow for new gear and 4k.
      • MedIT – similar to above, mentioned that there is a lot of interest on campus for a solution.


Action Plan: Testing and going via the UBC Shared network system. Will involve multiple users from several departments and UBCIT.

Current User test group: LFS, MedIT, UBC Studios, UBC Communications, Sauder, Education.

Current contacts in the Loop: UBCIT Systems, Records Management

Project Timeline:

    • Form a user group and scope for interest in this project. (Done)
    • Work out and confirm process with UBCIT Systems, User group and schedule a systems Speedtest.(Done)
      • Consisting of 1 contact from each user group running a Premiere File with multiple high Bitrate media files on the shared server. (Footage and Project File will be provided from UBC Studios)(Done)
      • The schedule for the testing is 1st week of June as request by Jordi, so that if the servers cannot handle the stress that campus wide impact is kept to a minimum.(Done)
    • If test fails, we go back to the drawing board.
    • If test works, we establish a shared workflow to all video production teams so that during collaboration, we can locate and find files easily and effectively. Will also need to bring in Records Management for workflow structuring, naming conventions etc.
      • UBC Studios can also provide their workflow structure to those that are interested.(Done) (Accessed via UBC Confluence)
    • Conclusion of project.